Chang Brothers Martial Arts

Martial Arts develops self-confidence, improves self-discipline, aids in self-defense, and improves your overall fitness!

Families of all ages can reach new heights, and gain a health body and mind at Chang Brothers Martial Arts and Education. From ages 3yrs and up.


*8th Degree Black Belt - Taekwondo

*6th Degree Black Belt - Hapkido

-46 years in Martial Arts (studied since 4 yrs old in MuDukKwan style)

-All Korean High School Champion

-Moved to America in 1985 and started teaching in Chicago

-1985 Korean American Sport Festival Gold Medal (New York)

-1987 Korean American Sport Festival Gold Medal (Chicago)

-Midwest Grand Prix Champion (1986, 1987, 1988)

-Named "Best Instructor" by W.T.F.

-2006 Southeast Taekwondo Tournament Chairman

-2011 Secretary General of Southeast TKD Federation

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20 Hours a week

$11.00 an hour

Monday – Thursday. 8:00am – 1:00pm

Contact mall management for details.